Thermal Imaging

Thermal ImagingWater damage does not have to be visible to be destructive. Hidden moisture in your home or office could lead to mold growth and structural deterioration. To prevent additional damage to your property, when our experienced technicians at ProCare Restoration Services assess your property, we utilize state of the art thermal imaging. With the ability to see beneath the surface, we are able to create an effective structural drying plan to completely dry your space and restore your space.

Benefits to Thermal Imaging

Our thermographers utilize a FLIR thermal imaging camera to see non-visible temperature changes that can determine if an area is wet, even in the absence of surface damage. By utilizing this equipment, we are able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Determine Hidden Damage: By utilizing infrared technology, we are able to detect differences in temperatures. This temperature difference helps us to see water damage behind walls, ceilings, and more, even when invisible to the naked eye.
  • Save Money: By being able to detect the water damage in your home or office, even when hidden behind walls and ceilings, we can prevent additional damage. By drying and cleaning the water damage quickly, our thermal imaging technology saves you money on additional restoration costs.
  • Save Time: By utilizing the right equipment, we determine where your home or office is affected by water damage. This allows us to create the best mitigation plan to completely dry and restore your property, saving you valuable time.

Time is of the essence when your property is affected by water damage. At ProCare Restoration Services, with the help of our thermal imaging equipment, we can detect your water damage before it becomes visible. Our experienced and certified technicians are available for immediate service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you think you have water damage, let our thermal imaging experts assess and restore your property. Call or contact us today.