Wind Damage Restoration

Wind DamageMichigan averages approximately 30 days of thunderstorm activity and 17 tornadoes every year. Strong winds can extensively damage structures and property, especially on the west side of the state where strong winds blow off Lake Michigan. If your property requires wind damage restoration, ProCare has a certified, experienced team waiting to help.

How Much Damage Occurs at Each Wind Speed?

  • 47-54 Mph Winds (Severe Gale): Minor structural damage may occur. Branches may fall off trees, causing further destruction. A few shingles may be torn off roofs, while loose doors or roofs may be damaged.
  • 55-63 Mph Winds (Storm): Trees can be uprooted, while moderate structural damage may occur. Shingles and awnings may fly off structures. Chimneys and antennas may be destroyed.
  • 64+ Mph Winds (Violent Storm): Significant structural damage will occur. With many trees being uprooted or damaged, property damage is exacerbated. Semi-trucks are overturned. Roofs may be partially removed, and mobile homes can be overturned or pushed off their foundations.

Given that severe storm winds in Michigan often exceed 65 Mph (and even surpass 90 Mph on occasion), it's no surprise that wind damage restoration is quite common in our state. If your home or place of business has suffered wind damage, it's best to repair the damage quickly.

A fast response is vital for reducing further damages from wind and rain. ProCare, our wind damage restoration experts will be at your location within an hour of your call, repairing damages and working hard to resolve the situation. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year, meaning we are always there to respond to your emergency.

If you're looking for dependable wind damage restoration services, call or contact Pro Care Restoration today.