Michigan Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal

cigaretteCigarette smoking can leave behind an incredibly persistent odor in homes, apartments, and places of business. Years of tobacco smoke can infiltrate every last corner of a building, making it extraordinarily difficult to remove the scent entirely. The result is a lingering odor that can seem impossible to fully remove. However, ProCare Restoration is ready for the task at hand. Regardless of the intensity of the smell or the particulars of the building, ProCare's cigarette smoke odor removal services will eliminate the odor.

Why is Cigarette Smoke Odor So Hard to Remove?

  • Cigarette smoke consists of very small particles. All odors are caused by some sort of airborne particle. Cigarette smoke particles are extremely small, allowing them to penetrate and settle in more areas than other airborne molecules. The smoke settles into carpeting, upholstery, furniture, wall paint, light fixtures, windows, cabinets, and the ducts of a building.
  • Cigarette smoke holds more moisture than other types of smoke. Furthermore, the smoke generated by smoking is usually somewhat moist, as it is inhaled and exhaled by the smoker. By extension, cigarette smoke is more likely to stick to more surfaces and objects than other types of smoke.
  • Because smokers tend to smoke a lot, large quantities of cigarette smoke particles accumulate in the area. Lastly, since cigarette smokers typically smoke numerous times a day for several months or years, the particles build-up. In fact, you can often find a brown film on surfaces in these rooms from the smoke.

For effective cigarette smoke odor removal, any deodorizing method must reach all the places where the smoke particles have accumulated and either degrade or neutralize them. Our professional deodorizing equipment is able to reach areas inaccessible to household methods, comprehensively removing the smell. ProCare Restoration ensures that the odor will be permanently removed, leaving no trace of stale tobacco smoke.

ProCare Restoration offers professional, highly-effective cigarette odor smoke removal. Contact us today to rid your location of those unpleasant odors.