Hydroxyl & Ozone Generators

Nothing is more frustrating than a stubborn odor. If you're having trouble eliminating an offensive smell, ProCare Restoration's odor removal services will help. Our top-of-the-line hydroxyl and ozone generators are capable of removing even the strongest odors.

Our Hydroxyl & Ozone Generators

air purification

  • Hydroxyl Generators: We utilize the Titan Air Purification and Deodorization System. This system creates reactions between electron hole pairs, water, and oxygen. These reactions release hydroxyl radicals that convert air pollutants into carbon dioxide and water, removing the odor from your property. These generators are ideal for removing odors left by pets, cooking, grease, fires, and decomposition. Hydroxyl generators are also a safer alternative to ozone, eliminating the need for anyone to evacuate the location.
  • Ozone Generators: As a highly reactive element, ozone chemically reacts with any particle it comes into contact with. When it comes into contact with odor particles, it modifies their structure, removing the odor. Ozone is faster than hydroxyl, but requires a full evacuation of the premises. Furthermore, it may leave a slight chemical scent in the area, though it will eventually dissipate.

No matter the strength or source of your odor problem, ProCare Restoration will help. When you call ProCare, you can rest assured your odor issue will be quickly and thoroughly resolved.

We provide dependable odor removal services with our Hydroxyl & Ozone Generators, contact us today to eliminate stubborn smells in your home or place of business.