Pre/Post Clearance Testing

petri dishHaving mold in your home or office can cause serious health issues and damage to your property. It is imperative to have a professional team analyze and remove your mold before it spreads and causes further destruction. We, at ProCare Restoration Services, understand the importance of properly eradicating the mold from your property. Our certified teams test, treat, and test again to ensure your property is clean and completely mold free.

Our Mold Clearance Testing

  • Pre-Clearance Testing: Before beginning our mold removal services, we analyze and test the mold in your home or place of business to determine the amount and the species. We send your samples to a certified, independent laboratory to have them assessed by mold microbiologists, ensuring professional results.
  • Mold Cleaning & Removal: By utilizing the results of your pre-clearance testing, we can determine the best mitigation plan for your mold. Our team incorporates our expertise in mold removal to clean and thoroughly eliminate the mold in your home or office.
  • Post-Clearance Testing: Once we have finished cleaning your property, we do a second round of post-clearance testing. This ensures that all the mold has been safely and effectively removed. If any mold is still present, we will re-clean and re-test.

Because some mold varieties are invisible to the eye, pre/post clearance testing allows us to determine the exact type and extent of mold damage present in your home or office. At ProCare Restoration Services, we are dedicated to our clients and take the time to properly test and treat the mold causing damage to your property. By testing, treating, and retesting, we guarantee that the mold is cleaned and removed thoroughly and properly.

Prevent mold damage in your home or business with pre/post clearance testing from ProCare Restoration Services. Call or contact us today.