Michigan Black Mold Removal

Black Mold RemovalMold spores are everywhere; however, when black mold contaminates your home or commercial space it can cause damage to your property and to your health. The traditional definition of black mold is a misconception, it is often labeled as a black toxic mold. The problem with this definition is that the mold itself is not toxic. Many varieties of molds produce toxins, and all mold species have the capability to cause upper respiratory issues. Through our experience, at ProCare Restoration Services, we understand that it's best to handle all mold as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, leaving your property safer and cleaner.

Black Mold Removal Services

  • Pre/Post Clearance Testing: At ProCare Restoration Services, we utilize our third party, independent laboratory to test samples from your home or business to determine if you are experiencing mold, the amount, and the species. From the results of this testing, we deduce the best black mold removal technique for your property. Once the mold has been cleaned, we retest your property to ensure it has been eradicated.
  • Mold Removal: We utilize high quality media blasting materials and techniques to professionally and thoroughly remove the mold from your home or business.

No matter the type of mold in your home or commercial space, it is imperative for the health of you and your property to have it properly removed. At ProCare Restoration Services, we are dedicated to our customers, providing 24 hour emergency services to thoroughly and effectively eliminate your black mold.

We provide dependable black mold removal services, call or contact us today. For emergency services, we are on site within one hour of your first call, guaranteed.