Marine Services

Having your boat, camper, travel trailer, or recreational vehicle damaged stops you from enjoying your outdoor adventures. Whether you experienced an emergency that caused serious damage or need routine cleaning, ProCare Restoration Services provides you with dependable marine services. Our team utilizes high quality equipment and techniques to ensure your marine vehicles are safely cleaned, dried, and restored, getting you back out on the water.

Our Marine Services

  • Emergency Services: When you experience an emergency, you need a marine services company that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to get your vehicle back up and running. Our professional restoration team's emergency services understand that you may not be able to bring your equipment to one of our local drying warehouse; we can bring our expertise to you, ensuring your vehicle gets the treatment it needs before incurring additional damage.
  • Restoration: From capsizing, to storm damage, your boat, RVs, and more can experience severe injury. Whether we are reconstructing your marine vehicle back to pristine condition or refurbishing belongings damaged inside, you can trust our experienced team to restore your most valuable assets.
  • Drying: Even marine vehicles can experience excessive water damage. When water gets into your boat you can experience damage to your upholstery, mechanical failure, mold/mildew growth, and more. Through our drying services, we prevent costly additional damage by expertly drying and restoring your boat, utilizing state of the art equipment including:
    • Portable Water Extraction Machines
    • Injectidry
    • TES drying system
    • Desiccant Humidifiers
    • Specialized Air Movers
  • Cleaning: After prolonged use during the boating season or improper storage, your boats, RVs, campers, and more need professional cleaning and sanitization. As mold and mildew experts, we utilize our expertise to thoroughly clean your vehicle and equipment, including:
    • Canvases
    • Hard Surfaces
    • Seat Decks
    • Stiching
    • Carpets
    • Upholstered Surfaces

flooded boat

At ProCare Restoration Services, we are trained and certified IICRC technicians. We will utilize our extensive training and experience to provide you with marine services you can depend on. When your boat or recreational vehicle suffers damage, we work hard to safely, quickly, and effectively dry, clean, and restore your equipment.

We guarantee to have your boat or marine vehicle cleaned and ready for pickup within 48 hours. Call or contact us today for professional marine services.