Fire & Smoke Odor

Fire & Smoke OdorFires and smoke often leave behind particularly pervasive odors, making it a challenge to restore a room to its original state. Regardless of whether the smoke came from a cooking accident, a fire from a nearby structure, or another source, it can be very difficult to eliminate the unpleasant smell. Thankfully, ProCare Restoration is on-hand to help. Our odor removal experts will eliminate any trace of fire and smoke odors rapidly and completely.

How Long Does It Take to Remove Smoke and Fire Odors?

A number of different factors can affect the amount of time it takes to deodorize your property. Here are some of the biggest defining factors for fire and smoke odor removal:

  • Amount of Smoke Exposure: The more smoke exposure an area received, the more time it will take to fully deodorize this area. Of course, the amount of smoke exposure will largely be determined by the size of the fire, location of the fire (was the fire inside the structure, did the smoke drift inside the structure from nearby, etc.), and the amount of time the smoke remained in the area before ventilation.
  • Type of Smoke: The material being burned will have a large impact on the strength and scent of the resulting smoke. For example, wood, drywall, and plastic all produce smoke with substantially different characteristics. Some will leave a scent that is harder to remove than others.
  • Size of Area Damaged by Smoke: Larger areas will of course require more effort to deodorize. However, smaller, enclosed areas tend to leave smoke more concentrated, which can lead to stronger, more stubborn odors

As you can see, every case is different and requires different techniques for complete deodorization. Our ProCare Restoration experts have handled countless fire and smoke odor removal cases, meaning we will have no trouble restoring your location.

If you're struggling with fire and smoke odor removal, ProCare Restoration is here to assist. Contact us today to remove that tricky odor once and for all.