Michigan Odor Removal

Having lingering, offensive smells contaminating your space can disrupt your daily life and distract you and your family from enjoying your home. If your home is plagued by unpleasant or strong odors, you need a professional. At ProCare Restoration Services, we utilize our expertise and proven techniques to remove the odor and leave your home smelling clean and fresh.

Our Odor Removal Services

Whether the smells in your home are caused by daily activities, pets, or natural disasters, we have a odor removal service to neutralize and eliminate the smells affecting your air quality, including:

At ProCare Restoration Services, we utilize the best odor removal solutions to remove any lingering, unwanted smells from your home, including the Environmental Decontamination Solution System (EDS). A non-toxic, environmentally friendly solution that can be applied as a foam, fog, or spray. Through our techniques and equipment, we quickly, affordably neutralize any odors that are affecting your home or business.

We understand that smells and odors can disrupt your home at anytime. Our experienced odor removal technicians are on-call and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We guarantee to be on your job site within one hour of your first phone call, to quickly and efficiently eliminate the odor at the source.

Don’t let smells ruin your home, we provide you with a no-odor guarantee. Call or contact us for effective Michigan odor removal services.