Michigan Smoke Damage Restoration

fire damageThe flames are not the only source of destruction during a fire; smoke can cause serious damage to your property's structure, your personal belongings, and your health. To properly clean and restore your home or commercial space after smoke damage, time is critical. At ProCare Restoration Services, our teams are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, delivering professional smoke damage restoration services the moment disaster strikes.

Our Smoke Damage Restoration Services

  • Smoke Damage Restoration Assessment: It is imperative to determine the extent of the smoke damage to your home or office to create the ideal mitigation plan. Our certified technicians will also determine if security or board up services are necessary to prevent additional damage to your property.
  • Smoke Odor Removal: Smoke damage permeates into your walls, ceilings, flooring, upholstery, and more, leaving a strong, lingering smell. If not properly cleaned, the odor can cause additional damage to your property, belongings, and health. At ProCare Restoration Services, we utilize high quality equipment to properly and professionally remove the smoke odor from your home or business.
  • Smoke Damage Mitigation: Proper smoke damage restoration and removal should only be performed by a professional. We take the time to follow proper procedures and safety precautions to effectively remove, clean, and repair the damage from your home or office.
  • Content Restoration: Smoke damage can cause discoloration, staining, and more to your personal belongings. Our team of professionals act quickly to expertly restore your items while preventing any additional damage.

smoke damage
The destruction caused by a fire only starts with the flames. The smoke that fills your home or commercial space often contains building and construction materials that have been burned, including glues and solvents, that may release toxic gases. It is imperative to have trained professionals provide you with smoke damage restoration to clean and repair your home or business following the traumatic effects of a fire. At ProCare Restoration Services, our certified technicians utilize high quality equipment and techniques to effectively restore your property following the destruction of a fire.

When you experience a fire you need fast, effective Michigan smoke damage restoration services. Call or contact us today, our certified technicians will be on site within one hour of your phone call, guaranteed.