Fire Damage Tips

Experiencing a fire is devastating, causing serious damage to your home or place of business, your belongings, and your health. Our team at ProCare Restoration is certified and trained in the proper restoration and cleaning of your property after the devastating effects of your fire. With 24 hour emergency services, our crews are on site within one hour of your initial phone call. We are dedicated to the needs and urgencies of our clients and provide you with a list of fire damage tips to ensure your property is handled with care and expertise.

Tips For Fire Damage

  • Call ProCare: After you experience a fire, it is imperative to have a knowledgeable, certified professional assess, clean, and restore your property to ensure it is completed safely and efficiently. Our team is on call and available 24 hours a day. We also recommend consulting with one of our technicians before attempting to clean the following: walls or painted surfaces, carpets or upholstery, and electrical appliances exposed to fire.
  • Avoid Additional Soot Damage: By limiting your movements and keeping your hands clean, you can reduce the amount of soot that attaches to your carpets, walls, possessions and more.
  • Cleaning Recommendations: After fire damage, many of your items and possessions may be dirtied by soot or ash. At ProCare Restoration Services, we recommend the following tips regarding cleaning your belongings:
    • Clothes: If your clothes have been affected by smoke or fire damage, it is imperative that they are cleaned appropriately. Improperly cleaning your clothes may set the smoke odor. We send one weeks worth of your clothing to our specialty dry cleaning to be rushed processed.
    • Kitchens & Bath: To reduce soot buildup, you can wipe down your faucets, and trim.
    • House Plants: In order to properly care for and clean your plants that have been damaged by fire, make sure to wash both sides of the leaves.
    • Refrigerators: Often times during a fire you will lose power throughout your home or commercial space. To protect your refrigerators and freezers, be sure to completely empty them of any food and prop open doors. This eliminates the potential for strong odors and microbial growth that can develop.
  • Turn Off HVAC System: After you have experienced a fire, turn off your HVAC until a professional is able to review and check your system. If you experience a fire during cold or winter temperatures, protect your plumbing by pouring RV antifreeze in your tubs, holding tanks, toilet bowls, and sinks to prevent burst or freezing pipes.
  • Shut Off Electrical: To avoid additional damage and the possibility of electrical shock, turn off the electricity.

Don't face your fire emergency alone. At ProCare Restoration Services, our team is dedicated to bringing our clients high quality services, as well as dependable fire damage tips. We are dedicated to ensuring your home or office is secured, cleaned, and restored quickly and safely, reversing the effects of your damage.

When you experience a fire, rely on our fire damage tips and call or contact us today for 24-hour emergency service. We will be on site within one hour of your call, guaranteed.