When you face an emergency that affects your property, you need a dependable team that is well trained and experienced in handling your claim. At ProCare Restoration Services, our certified technicians utilize the highest quality equipment and techniques to dry, clean, and restore your property.

A Sampling of Our Equipment Offerings

  • Air Movers: An essential tool for water damage restoration, air movers allow us to reduce drying times and speed up evaporation through high-velocity air flow.
  • Air Scrubbers: At ProCare Restoration Services, we utilize air scrubbers to remove the air contaminants that pollute your property after an emergency.
  • Carpet Cleaners: Whether your carpets need cleaning to recover from an emergency or routine maintenance, we utilize high quality carpet cleaners to remove stains, odors, and grime from your property.
  • Cavity Drying Systems: When water damage affects your property, we ensure that your belongings are completely dried to prevent additional damage and mold growth. With the use of cavity drying systems, our technicians are able to thoroughly dry under sinks, behind cabinets, inside walls, and more.
  • Construction Equipment: At ProCare Restoration Services, we utilize high quality construction equipment to complete your restoration project thoroughly and effectively.
  • Extraction Equipment: When you are affected by water damage, extraction equipment allows our certified technicians to quickly remove the excess water from your home, office, boats, recreational vehicles, and more.
  • Floor Drying Systems: Water can get trapped in your carpet, padding, and more. With high quality floor drying systems, we are able to thoroughly extract and dry your carpeting.
  • Halo Fogger: We clean and sanitize your facility with our whole room Halo Fogger. Through dispensing atomized disinfectant throughout your space, we can reach places traditional cleaning methods can't. Read more.
  • Hydroxyl Machines: After your disaster, odors can permeate into your carpets, walls, ceilings, upholstery, and more. To safely and effectively remove smells from your property, we utilize the Titan Air Purification and Deodorization system. Read more.
  • LGR Dehumidifiers: Reducing the moisture in your environment following water damage is imperative. Our LGR dehumidifiers are able to better reduce the water than conventional dehumidifiers to achieve maximum results.
  • Ozone Machines: We reduce the odor in your environment through our ozone machines. By reacting with the particles, they are able to modify the structure to reduce or eliminate the smells. Read more.
  • Temp HVAC: In many emergency situations, you lose power to your property eliminating your heat, air conditioning, and more. We provide your job site with temporary HVAC solutions to keep your environment safe.
  • Thermal Imaging: By detecting changes in temperature beneath the surface, thermal imaging equipment allows our technicians to be able to better view and assess water damage in your property. Read more.

From water damage, to mold removal, to cleaning services, and more, we utilize the right restoration equipment for your project. At ProCare Restoration Services, we never close. When you experience a disaster, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, bringing you certified, experienced technicians to your job site within one hour of your first call.

Our dependable technicians only rely on the best equipment for your property. Call or contact us today.