Grout Cleaning

A disaster can easily necessitate extensive cleaning, and your floors are no exception. Furthermore, as a porous, absorbent material, grout is very hard to clean. While household cleaning equipment will help clean grout in your bathroom or kitchen, professional equipment is required to fully clean the material. ProCare Restoration offers highly-effective grout cleaning services with the use of high-heat, high-pressure water jets.

Grout Cleaning Services

Our tile grout cleaning services offer the following benefits:

  • Completely safe for your floors
  • Cleans deeper and more effectively than household methods
  • Causes no splatter or over-spray, keeping your location clean
  • Removes unsightly coloration, restoring the floors to their original appearance

Once we've cleaned the grout, we apply a durable sealant to protect the flooring from dirt and grime. This makes cleaning your floors easier as well, allowing you to enjoy spotless floors well after we're finished.

Are you having trouble cleaning your grout? The floor care experts at ProCare Restoration are ready to help. Contact us today for exceptional grout cleaning and floor care services.