Disinfecting Services

Disinfecting is vital for ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone at your location. Employees, clients, and other guests all suffer from an unsanitary environment, damaging your productivity and your reputation. ProCare Restoration utilizes a range of advanced disinfecting and cleaning equipment to eliminate indoor contaminants at your location.

Our Disinfecting Service Facilities

  • Assisted Living Facilities: Infections and outbreaks at assisted living facilities are a serious concern, as senior citizens will have a harder time fighting diseases than younger individuals. Clean your location easily, quickly, and comprehensively with our Halo Fogger dry-mist disinfection device.
  • Child Care Facilities: By their very nature, daycare facilities are extremely prone to outbreaks and spreading diseases. Furthermore, many diseases are more serious for young children than adults with stronger immune systems. ProCare Restoration will thoroughly disinfect your location, keeping children at the facility safe from illness.
  • Educational Facilities: Any area with a large amount of people will be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses. Our high-tech deep cleaning equipment allows us to rapidly disinfect large facilities, eliminating 99.9% of indoor contaminants.
  • Emergency Response Vehicles: Due to the precarious health of patients riding in emergency response vehicles, it is imperative that they are kept entirely free from indoor contaminants. ProCare's Halo Fogger allows us to disinfect ambulances and emergency response vehicles within 10 minutes, reaching every nook and cranny for total deep clean.
  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities: The revolving doors at fitness facilities makes them a hot spot for bacteria and germs. To keep guests, customers, and employees safe from disease, a professional disinfectant solution is required.
  • Medical Care Facilities: It's no surprise that medical facilities are rife with contaminants. Disinfecting every last surface and object in these facilities is extraordinarily time-consuming. Our disinfection equipment allows us to thoroughly clean rooms in a fraction of the time that manual labor would require.
  • Workplaces: The spread of disease in the workplace is a cause of concern for any boss or manager. Employee productivity depends directly on their health, making deep cleaning a number one priority. ProCare's Halo Fogger allows us to quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly disinfect your location, keeping your employees in great health.
  • And More!

Wherever there are people, there will be indoor contaminants. Large amounts of people or traffic only increase the amount of bacteria and viruses at a location. ProCare Restoration's enhanced cleaning services easily and effectively disinfect your building, keeping residents, customers, and staff safe from harm.

ProCare Restoration is on-hand to provide first-rate deep cleaning services at your location. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced disinfection equipment.