Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera

Using Thermal Imaging for Water Damage Repair

Thermal Imaging Tools - ProCare RestorationThe Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera is a valuable diagnostic tool ProCare Restoration Services utilizes to measure the temperature on any surface. This technology allows us to see non-visible temperature changes that help determine if an area is wet, even though no surface damage is present.

ProCare Restoration Services has highly trained Thermographers on staff. Our thermographers will come out to your residential or commercial property and perform an inspection to determine if you have any potential moisture intrusion issues. Fast action can prevent secondary damage such as mold growth and structure deterioration.

ProCare Restoration Services uses a Thermal Imaging Camera manufactured by FLIR – the world’s largest manufacturer of Infrared/Thermal Cameras. With over 35 years of experience in this market, they have developed innovative technology to build only the very best.

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Thermal Comparison

In this example, you can clearly see the water damage at the top of the wall, above the window. Water damage here appears in a purple color.

Thermal Imaging Comparison Advantage - ProCare

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