Structural Drying

What is Applied Structural Drying?

Structural Drying after Flooding - ProCare RestorationCall ProCare Restoration Services to take advantage of the most advance techniques to mitigate water and flood damage. We are certified in Applied Structural Drying (ASD). ASD is a strategy for drying building materials that promotes decision-making based on real data. More specifically, ASD incorporates psychrometry-“the science of drying”-to track moisture content, drying progress, and verify job completion.

In most cases, this method uses more equipment to dry a structure faster while reducing the costs, time, and inconvenience related to replacements and repairs. ProCare Restoration’s structural drying strategies are based on the solid foundation of proven drying principles.

Advantages of Structural Drying:

  • Our jobs dry faster to save you money.
  • We provide documentation and data that measures drying progress and confirms job completion.
  • We provide verifiable documentation and data to help close the claim for good.

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Structural Drying Techniques for Water Damage Restoration

What is “in-place drying”?

Structural Drying lays the foundation for In-Place Drying. On a Category 1 “clean” water loss, the carpet, pad and contents can be dried “in-place” with minimal disturbance.

structural_drying_2A Category 1 loss involves fresh water from potable source like a washing machine, tub or faucet. However, even a clean water loss can quickly escalate to a Category 2 “gray water” situation in less than 72 hours due to microbial activity in the environment.

Advantages of In-place Drying:

  • Saves money by drying the carpet, pad, subfloors, etc. “in-place” instead of paying for replacement.
  • Returns our clients to their home sooner.
  • Closes claims faster. We provide documentation and data that measures drying progress, confirms job completion and closes the claim for good.
  • Reduces the risk of mold growth when done properly. This is supported by the Structural Drying records!

Structural Drying Example Chart - ProCare Restoration

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