Pre / Post Clearance Testing

When it comes to mold, we take every project very seriously. If you have suspected mold to be in your home or business, ProCare Restoration is there to test, treat, and test again until the job is thoroughly completed.

Third-Party Mold Post Clearance Testing

Mold Clearance Testing

ProCare Restoration uses an independent, certified laboratory of mold micro biologists to determine if you have mold, and if you do, what type of mold you have.  After the independent lab has analyzed our samples, we will come in and remove all the mold possible. After removing the mold, ProCare will take a Post-Clearance Mold Test and send it out to our independent laboratory to determine if another round of removal is necessary. The majority of mold cleanings pass the first time, however some molds are not visible to the eye, making a second round of mold removal necessary.

Third-Party Mold Clearance Testing Specialists

ProCare Restoration does not do our own mold testing. We utilize a certified independent laboratory to handle the pre / post clearance testing on all mold related projects.  We guarantee that we will do it until we get it all and get it right.

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