Mold Remediation

Michigan Mold Remediation And Removal Services

ProCare Restoration Services is licensed and certified in mold remediation and mold prevention. You can be assured that our highly trained specialists will prevent mold growth by quickly drying your structure completely after water damage. However, if you have a mold problem already, we are fully equipped to provide the containment necessary to prevent further contamination.

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Mold Analysis

The first step to proper mold remediation is to thoroughly analyze the type and extent of the problem.
Mold Remediation - Initial Mold Analysis by ProCare Restoration

  • A visual inspection of the affected area will be conducted to discover the extent of the mold problem and document the type of mold-damaged materials.
  • The use of specialized equipment may be necessary to inspect and take air samples in duct-work or within walls or to detect moisture in building material.
  • Surface and/or bulk sampling may need to be collected to identify specific fungal contaminants and to establish the appropriate remediation protocol.
  • If an active leak is present, the original source of the water damage must be located and stopped in order to proceed with the remediation process.

Mold Containment

Mold Containment - Mold Remediation by ProCare Restoration ServicesThe purpose of containment during remediation activities is to limit the release of mold into the air and surroundings in order to minimize the continued exposure of remediation technicians, building occupants, and contents to mold spores.

Mold Remediation Protective Gear for Body - ProCare Restoration

Mold Removal

Mold Remediation Protective Gear for face - ProCare RestorationSuccessful mold remediation requires total mold removal from the indoor environment. This may require the entire removal of the contaminated materials. In most cases, the use of specialized professional equipment will be required to remove and safely contain the contamination without causing further contamination to the indoor environment.

Mold Restoration

Wall Restoration after Mold Remediation - ProCare RestorationThe work area and areas used by the remediation technicians for egress must also be decontaminated. It is advisable that all areas re-mediated be cleared for reconstruction by an independent industrial hygienist.

While mold contamination can become a serious problem for homeowners, insurance companies, commercial building owners and public institutions like hospitals, universities, and libraries, the best answer to the problem is prevention. When you experience any form of water damage be sure to utilize the 24 hour services of ProCare Restoration Services, Inc. as your restoration contractor so we can contain the problem and reduce your costs.

Mold Remediation Services - ProCare RestorationIf you already have a mold problem contact ProCare Restoration Services at 1-888-MichPro (642-4776) immediately to begin the safe investigation and remediation process so that your damages, health dangers, and liabilities do not continue to grow.

Some information and images used from the EPA documentation on mold.

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