Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold Inspection and Testing ServicesMold is a natural part of our environment. However, we try to avoid having mold in our homes and businesses. Having mold in a building can cause a variety of health issues as well as a drop in property values. If you see or suspect there is mold in your home or commercial property, ProCare Restoration is your first call to have a mold inspection and testing. When dealing with possible mold, you want someone you can trust and someone who is going to get rid of it fast and efficiently.

Mold Inspection Testing Samples

ProCare takes air quality mold samples, physical samplings, and environmental sample tests. All these different samplings help determine how safe your environment is.  We send the air and physical samplings to an independent 3rd party lab with certified micro biologists for professional analysis.

ProCare Mold Inspection Services

When Should I Have a Mold Inspection?

ProCare Restoration is usually called for one of the following reasons:

When we get the mold analysis back from our 3rd party labs, we will come and remove all the mold from your property. Because we are often cleaning things we cannot see, we will do another Mold Inspection and Test upon completion to make sure we have taken care of all the mold spores. ProCare Restoration has certified specialist in mold remediation.



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