Soot Damage & Furnace Puff Backs

Soot Damage Restoration Services

You may be anxious to clean your home after a fire, but it is imperative that you seek professional advice.

Soot Damage and Furnace Puff Backs Restoration - ProCareContact ProCare Restoration Services, Inc. immediately once the fire is out. Our team of trained and certified professionals will provide advice on restoration or replacement of damaged items. Soot Damage and Furnace Puff Backs are a common and very messy problem. If you are a rental tenant, notify the owner so both of you can assess the damage with our mitigation team.

ProCare’s team of professional fire restorers can prevent further damage and help determine which items can or cannot be refurbished. We provide services for thoroughly cleaning and deodorizing your home or business. The cost for restoration is usually substantially less than the cost of replacing damaged furnishings and structures.

Soot damage can prove to be one of the most challenging parts of fire damage. Holland, MI, residents and fire victims from all across Southwest Michigan call ProCare Restoration Services, Inc., to thoroughly clean the soot away, evaluate the damage, and begin recovery.

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Furnace Puff Back Restoration

Furnace Puff Back Fire Damage Services -ProCareWhat is a Puff Back?

Most people have never heard of a puff back. A puff back occurs when an oil burner backfires, sending soot throughout your home or business. It can happen all at once (like a balloon popping) or more gradually (as if someone was holding the end of a balloon and letting the air seep out slowly).

Recognizing Puff Backs

It is usually easy to tell when a puff back has occurred. Soot covers all areas of the home or business and may range from light to very heavy. Sometimes the disbursement of soot is so light and fine it appears to be ordinary dust. This “dust” however reappears hours after being cleaned. There is often a strong odor of oil accompanying a puff back. If you question whether or not you have soot damage, call us for thorough inspection.

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Furnace Puff Back Soot Damage - ProCarePreventing Puff Backs

The best defense against a puff back is to have your oil burner inspected annually and kept in good repair. This is no guarantee against having a puff back, but it greatly reduces your risk. Keep debris, animal hair, or anything that could interfere with proper functioning away from your oil burner.

Call ProCare Restoration Services, Inc., today to start mitigating your puff back fire damage. Holland residents and those living in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids are urged to call our office right away. We are located in Kentwood, Michigan and serve the whole state of Michigan.

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