Content Restoration

Belongings & Content Restoration After Damage

Content Restoration of rug - ProCare RestorationWhen valuable contents are damaged, determining what can be reasonably saved is a critical process.

ProCare Restoration Services is ready to act quickly to help stop and/or prevent further destruction caused by water and smoke. We are available to come on site and perform field tests to determine on the spot what is economically salvageable and what is not.

From fabric restoration and cleaning, to furniture, cabinetry, book and document reprocessing, ProCare offers 3 full-service cleaning facilities to process your damaged contents. When your home or business has been cleaned and properly mitigated, your restored items will be ready for delivery.

For immediate 24.7 service, contact us at: 1-888-MichPro (642-4776)

A full inventory of all items including photos of every item is standard on all projects.

Call ProCare Restoration Services and you and your possessions will receive the kind of professional service, respect, and care you deserve.

Our services include:

  • Wedding Dress Restored after Fire Damage - Content RestorationCertified restorative dry cleaning
  • Rug cleaning and restoration
  • Furniture restoration
  • Retail Inventories
  • Documents Reprocessing
  • Artwork restoration
  • Electronic cleaning and repair
  • Computer restoration and cleaning
  • Pack-out and Pack-back
  • Climate controlled and insured storage
  • Ozone treatments
  • Hydroxyl treatments

If you’ve experienced a fire, start your recovery with professional fire restoration. Grand Rapids, MI, residents have been able to salvage priceless belongings because of the responsive and compassionate team at ProCare Restoration Services. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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