Snow Removal

Snow Removal Services

ProCare Restoration Services has a dedicated staff of professional workers who are ready to assist you when winter storms blanket Michigan with snow. That’s when our staff of experienced professionals go to work with their snow removal machines. Living in Michigan, we are no strangers to an intense amount of snow. When the job gets too big, call ProCare.Snow Removal Services - ProCare Restoration

Our high-quality fleet includes snow plows, sanders, and snow blowers. When excess snow requires us to stack or remove snow from your property, Eagles dump trucks and loaders for snow removal are available to service your needs.

Contact us today at 888-642-4776 to request an estimate.

  • Parking Lots
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Emergency Requests
  • Municipal Areas
  • Retail Locations
  • Driveways and Sidewalks
  • Flat Roof Snow Removal
  • Pitched Roof Snow Removal
  • Residential Home Roofs
  • Remove Ice Dams on Roofs
  • Clear Ice from Gutters
  • Downspout Snow and Ice Clearing

Flat Roof Snow Removal - ProCare Restoration  Remove Snow from a Flat Roof - ProCare Restoration

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