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ProCare Restoration Services provides Design and Build services to its clients that entail important construction management benefits such as the early identification of final costs, superior design in a collaborative process, and project execution in record time. Our experts work closely with selected architects, engineers, real estate agents, real estate developers, property managers, and contractors to give your ideas a substance. From land acquisition, to architectural design, general construction, commercial construction, retail construction, and industrial construction, ProCare Restoration Services aids you through each step and delivers a finished project that matches your needs and budget.

Design Build Services - ProCare RestorationAt ProCare Restoration Services our team works in collaboration with our clients in order to fully understand and execute their ideas and objectives, while maintaining the budget constraints and the general construction schedule. All the way through the process i.e. from conceptual design to the final design solution, our design/ build team works day in and out to ensure that the projects meets our clients’ expectations.

Our design/build approach guarantees that all the engineering issues are solved right at the design’s inception because we know that engineering and design are concurrent. Thus, at ProCare Restoration Services, Inc. we avoid the need for re-designing a project due to structural or constructability problems, and thereby help save both valuable time and money.

We offer you a one-stop design/build solution. Our construction management experts work hard to provide local and state government offices with the information and drawings to obtain the necessary permits. We as a constructing contractor address all issues concerning site engineering, storm water management, erosion control, and wetlands permitting just to name a few.

The key advantage of the design/ build process is the improved cost control all through the design and construction scheduling process. ProCare Restoration Services, Inc. provides its clients with comprehensive commercial contracting, cost estimates at the following stages: design process, completion of the conceptual design, design is 50% and 90% complete, and the final design.Design Build Services - ProCare Restoration

Moreover, we also perform Value Engineering at each stage of the design/build process. We provide you with a number of materials and systems’ options to choose from to help best meet your project objectives. ProCare Restoration Services, Inc’s design/ build team focuses on investment and life cycle cost improvements and come up with cost/value comparison to help our clients make informed decisions throughout the construction management project. In this way we assure that our clients get exactly what they are looking for in their buildings.

During the design process, ProCare Restoration Services, Inc. as a commercial general contractor will identify and qualify specialty sub-contractors best suited for the project. Following the design approval and permit, our team is ready to start the building part of the design/build process. Our commercial contracting managers and on-site supervisors monitor the subcontractors and manage the overall construction process efficiently. We provide administration of quality control, safety, schedule adherence, field engineering, and inspections to make sure we deliver you high quality work.

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