Vandalism & Graffiti

Vandalism Damage Repair Services

Vandalism is such an expensive and frustrating event for property owners. The official term in Michigan is “Criminal Mischief” and this is one of the most common crimes a property owner will experience. It can be difficult to recover from vandalism unless you utilize technically trained professionals who know the right solutions and have the tools to get the job done properly. ProCare Restoration Services has experienced technicians available 24/7 to help you clean up and repair the damages of vandalism.

Graffiti Repair Services: Before and After

Cleaning Up Vandalism and Graffiti

  • Graffiti Removal: When dealing with spray paint, it is important to begin the removal process as soon as possible in order to avoid further or more permanent-like, and more costly, damages. It takes experience and technical expertise to evaluate the paint materials used and the surfaces damages in order to properly restore your property. ProCare is the perfect team for the job and can respond immediately.
  • Broken Glass: When dealing with shattered glass there are safety considerations to be made, from sharp edges to those tiny shards that disappear into the carpet that may get left behind if not cleaned up or dealt with properly. ProCare has the know-how and the best equipment to ensure the highest level of care.
  • Board-Up and Repairs: Sometimes a board-up is required due to vandalism. ProCare understands the stress and turmoil of arriving home to find a window, door, wall or roof that needs to be temporarily covered to protect you and your property. Give us a call and we will immediately dispatch a professional technician to board-up your property. ProCare will work with you, investigative officials and the insurance company to protectively board-up the area without compromising a crime scene and to make repairs.

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