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Grout Cleaning is nothing more that routine maintenance for your tile, stone and paver floors, walls, showers and counters.  The only question is how to address it.  Homeowners will scrub and housekeepers will scrub some more, but the grout still isn’t clean enough; even after using those miracle grout cleaning products, the tile grout is still dingy. Ever wonder why?

Tile grout is porous and the tiny pores will absorb dirt, oil and other contaminates.  The pores are so small that cleaning equipment – brushes & scrubbers are unable to reach the depths of the tile grout pores.  The best way to clean your tile & grout surfaces is with the use of high pressure, high heat water jets.  ProCare Restoration provides grout cleaning services by using a completely hooded system that gently removes all of the dirt from your tile, stone and grout surfaces without causing any mess to the rest of your home.

This process can be safely performed right at the edge of your cabinets, furniture and carpet without any worry.  Tile grout cleaning is quick and affordable, so why isn’t your grout as clean as it can be?

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Tile cleaning can become a chore that the typical homeowner or house cleaner is unable to keep up with.  Many stones and tiles will not only accumulate dirt in the pores of the tile grout, but will also collect dirt within the texture of the tile or stone surface.  In this case regular cleaning will often not be enough, as the bristles of your brush simply cannot get deep enough into the tiny pores or texture of your stone, tile or grout.

Professional tile cleaning from ProCare Restoration Services utilizes high heat pressurized water to flush dirt from your tile grout, stone, limestone, travertine or marble.  We are able to completely clean your tile and grout and restore it to a like-new condition.  Our process is completely safe for your home.  The process will not affect your walls, cabinets or other flooring in any way, as there is no splatter or over spray.

Your home is important to us and we will take great care during your tile cleaning.  We can restore your tile, stone, marble, limestone or travertine with our tile cleaning service.

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Marble Cleaning is a service that is often requested, however not necessarily an accurate request.  It is true that marble cleaning can be required as any natural stone can accumulate dirt and become unsightly.  We are able to completely clean your travertine, marble, limestone or granite surfaces and restore them.

Please keep in mind that marble cleaning will not affect the sheen or reflection of a marble stone, nor will it correct etch marks or scratches that have developed on the stone surface.  To correct these issues you will need marble honing or marble polishing in addition to marble cleaning.  We are a stone restoration company specializing on the art of marble polishing and other stone cleaning, repair and refinishing.

This is where we separate ourselves from your common stone cleaner or carpet cleaner.  Be careful whom you trust you stone restoration efforts to – not all providers are created equal.

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Clean, Protect and Seal Surfaces

Keeping tile, grout, and stone clean can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Getting bathrooms, kitchens, walls or any other tile and stone surfaces professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months will ensure a long-lasting shine, and greatly reduce the amount of effort it takes to keep these areas looking beautiful.

Once we have your surfaces looking pristine, we will then apply a durable sealant that helps protect against dirt and other particles that can tarnish the look of stone, tile and grout.

See here the difference a professional tile and stone cleaning can make:

After a Professional Stone Cleaning by ProCare Restoration


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