Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Services - ProCareProCare Restoration is the leading industrial cleaning company in the Grand Rapids area. We have the professional staff, experience and equipment to handle even the most resilient industrial cleaning tasks.

We clean industrial plants that have dirt, oil build up, gas, petroleum, and other tough built up grime to keep your plant running cleaning, smoothly and safely.

ProCare serves a variety of industries that include manufacturing facilities, energy plants, food processing, paper mills, mining, and many others. We are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to perform industrial cleaning services to keep your company’s processes running efficiently and to keep you on track.

Industrial Building Cleaning - ProCareIndustrial Cleaning Comprehension

ProCare Restoration Services works with your team, and gets to know what your maintenance needs are and your schedule to complete all industrial cleaning tasks. Safety comes first with ProCare Restoration for both our customers and employees. Our staff’s extensive training and comprehensive understanding of what it takes to get the work done  keeps  you, your employees, your property and themselves out of harm’s way.

Building Turnover

Building Turnover Services - ProCare

Many properties are switching hands and these buildings need to be cleaned, debris removed, remodeling, and repairs completed before the next owners take over.

pro-care-logo Done right, when ProCare’s on site.