Floor Maintenance

ProCare Restoration offers floor cleaning, floor sanitization and floor maintenance. You have clean floors, but now you need to keep them clean!

Wood Floor Maintenance - ProCare

Wood Floor Maintenance Tips

  1. Vacuum the wood floors weekly
  2. Do not use cleaning products with wax
  3. Do not use water to mop wood floors
  4. Use felt tips when moving chairs and furniture


Carpet Cleaning and Floor Maintenance - ProCare

Tips to Care for Carpet

  1. Vacuum Frequently
  2. Professional cleaning every 18 months, because regular vacuuming will never be enough
  3. Treat spills immediately
  4. Use mats in high traffic areas to preserve loops and limit soiling


Tips to Care for Tile Floors

  1. Sweep or vacuum tile floors regularly
  2. Avoid chemicals or cleaning solutions with wax
  3. Treat spills immediately. Depending on what food or chemical you spilled, it could discolor the tile
  4. Avoid using sponge mops, which pushes dirt into the grout

Tile Floor Maintenance - ProCare

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